I have to say, without a doubt, that is one of the best compilations from the Music Mosaic label. They have outdone themselves in compiling an enjoyable and spiritual album that is both unique and enjoyable in equal measures. To give this any less than top marks would do this CD an injustice.

Phase9 Entertainment


Didgeridoo Groove

Ethno-trance World-beat

From smooth jazz to funky jungle, from the vast Australian outback to the smoldering cyber-clubs of Bombay. Trip-out with this groove journey into the modern world of the ancient didgeridoo - enhanced with drums, guitar, sax, throat singing, bass, synthesizer, sitar, native American flutes and other multicultural instruments.

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Didgeridoo Groove by Ariel Kalma
Track name by artist/band
 Didgeridoo Groove by Ariel Kalma 
Ethno trance percussion and groovy drums, a moving dance with dumbeck, log drums, Balinese hand cymbals, didgeridoo, saxwahphone, keyboards and effects.
Universal Dance by Ed Drury
Multicultural dance grooves where an aboriginal didgeridoo meets an American Indian tribe with drumming, shaker, chants and flute.
Red Center Awakens by Sounds of the Outback
Uplifting track in a driving rhythm - listen to the didgeridoo as the Red Center awakens to another day.
Shade by Gondwana
Multi-layered didgeridu riffs and traditional Arnhem Land voices mixed with dance floor drum'n bass to create an original earth sound.
Little People by Steven Cragg
Chill trance world funk groove tribal nature mystery, percussion and sounds of the deep rain forest.
Crooked by © Orocol 
Tribal meeting of 3 didgeridoos with 3 percussions, overseen by the master shaker.
Taralinga Lila by © Tarshito / Sangeet
Rhythmic dance with tribal Eastern and classical influences.
Balanda Dancing by © Stephan Richter
A didgeridoo and a saxophone talk to each other, soon dancing with a cello and percussion. A jazzy world music classic.
Intuvalation by © Didjworks
Modern composition of drum and bass plus didgeridoo and organ, mixed with throat singing voices and other goodies from various cultures.
Chamber 11 by © Soulfood
A classical vocalist accompanied by Eastern grooves and tribal rhythms. Sensible dance of inner feelings.
Kokopelli Dreaming by © Kailash
Kokopelli - the sacred flute player - sows the magical seeds of love and dancing, accompanied by a deep didgeridoo and native percussion.