About Us

The Didgeridoo Music Shop has been created by the label Music Mosaic in Australia in 1998.

Our vision:

The central goal of Music Mosaic is to promote peace and respect among all the nations and cultures of our diverse planet. You will hear multi-cultural musical expressions with sounds that are interwoven together like a beautiful mosaic. Voices from ancient times blend with modern music, shaping the heartbeat of mankind into the pulse of global harmony.

Our team:

- Ariel Kalma (French), founder and music director
- Ama Kalma (German), founder and managing director
- Inika Design (Indian Design Company), programming co-ordinator



Music Mosaic is the brainchild of Ama and Ariel Kalma; a culmination of their combined 50 years of experience in music producing and international publishing. Dedicated both to the creation of albums that are of consistent high quality and to maintaining professionalism and business ethics at all times, this small international team of experts represents independent artists and labels in the big world of music distribution. As a result, Music Mosaic is something of creative and commercial value - a music label that exposes hundreds of artists to music lovers from all over the globe through the growing genre of multicultural music.


Do you know of a cool place (club, shop, lounge, store) in your city that might be interested in playing our music? Let us know - .