Unique Didgeridoo/Didjeridoo Music Compilations

Didgeridoo Birds Dance
Didgeridoo Birds Dance

Getting on the dance floor, jammin' with the birds! An Australian fusion of ambient birds and world-beat mixes... Guess what is what among the chatter, twitter, trill, Hoot, drone, rumble, chirp, cluck, shriek, growl, hum, pulse, buzz… What a mingle!

Didgeridoo Trance Dance
Didgeridoo Trance Dance

Pumping rhythms of the wild... droning, eternal voices of an ancient future. exotic nature sounds and rapid-fire percussion create an inter-dimensional journey into mindless spirit. Our #1 bestseller!

Didgeridoo Trance Dance 2
Didgeridoo Trance Dance 2

Uplifting high energy music by grand didgeridoo players from around the world is simply breath-taking! Driving percussion wizards and master remixers provoke primordial up-tempo rhythms, and mysterious fictional backgrounds with bizarre styles blend cultural boundaries for an international 'feel good' album... wow!

Didgeridoo Trance Dance 4
Didgeridoo Trance Dance 4

Transcending space is a wild place within eternity… no time, no past.. a wormhole to the future where Mind is but a Dream Dancing Spirit. - The didgeridoo is a special instrument: only a drone can be played but an infinity of sounds is created by circular breathing, singing, rhythmic patterns and imitating animals. Mixed with worldbeat arrangements, here is a fiery trance dance!

Didgeridoo Drum Dance

Percussive instruments pulse in the didgeridoo's rhythmic breath of fire and scorched earth. Primal growls, ululations, voice calls and animal sounds manifest the Dream-dance mystery.Thrills of the tribes transmute into stirring tracks to let you let go, hang loose and trance out to the lost frontiers of the mind on these ambient world-beat didgeridoo drum dance mixes.

Didgeridoo Drum Dance 2

A one hour dance party of unusual beats: didgeridoo ululations spiced with hot djembe, polyrhythmic percussion, drums and infectious grooves. Infused with contagious joy from a variety of culture, this is a must hear-and must move-to.

Didgeridoo Groove

Trip-out with this groove journey into the modern world of the ancient didgeridoo - enhanced with drums, guitar, sax, throat singing, bass, synthesizer, sitar, native American flutes and other multicultural instruments.

Didgeridoo Rocks!

Spellbinding didge rhythms from today's most gifted players and re-mixers in the tribal, trance-dance, world-fusion, groove and chill-out scene... Deep enigmatic tones blend with punchy percussion, haunting horns, smooth melodies and animal calls that stir the soul and move our feet to the wild mysteries of timeless Spirits. Didgeridoo Rocks!

Dreaming Didgeridoo

Evocative rhythms interlaced with soothing didgeridoo wash over your senses, enticing you into timeless dreaming, where past, present and future blend into a luminous space of harmonic perfection.Exotic cultures from around the globe offer deep sounds of the didgeridoo, didj horns, percussion, keyboards, strings and vocal incantation to initiate a mysterious journey.

Didgeridoo Fantasy

Take a trippy voyage through world-beat ancestral tones, where dreamtime and modern spirit meet in the didgeridoo with velvet grooves, tribal voices, ambient trance and timeless harmonies. Where music of far away continents mix in a melting pot of rhythms, flutes, guitars, violins, keyboards, percussion, sound effects and nature's own sounds in addictive excellence.

Maybe a friend told you, or you've listen to some extraordinary music and wondered what is so special about it, or maybe you play this unusual instrument....

To become passionate about this very special instrument and its sounds is easy and it happened to me. My name is Ariel Kalma and I am a musician, composer and producer myself.

This passion guided me in finding gifted artists playing the didgeridoo in World Music mixes. The composers are from Australia, the US, UK and Germany. I selected their best tracks, we made license agreements and the project took off.

Would you like a CD where the didgeridoo is played in each track?

You can choose from four compilation CD's created with care and delight from the finest tracks of international artists. Each selection is inspiring and of excellent musicianship.

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